Welcome Readers of The Truth!

Author Neil Strauss has recently released a book, The Truth, describing his personal journeys experimenting with non-monogamy.  Neil’s previous book was The Game, a look at the highly questionable and sexist world of pickup artists.  I am in The Truth, handing out polyamorous advice in that way I do – you can read the excerpt here.

If you are visiting from that link or because you found me after reading the book, welcome to the blog!

I have been attempting non-monogamy my entire dating life, but the first twelve years were a complete disaster.  Thankfully, the following years were much better.  And so now I hold workshops on how to do it better than I did.  I am currently well-ensconced in the San Francisco Bay Area with a live-in partner and four girlfriends, all of whom have other partners.  We are really doing polyamory – it is really a thing, and it can really be everything that folks dream of.

If you want my quick-and-dirty rundown of how to actually be non-monogamous, check out this guide.  If you are a man interested in non-monogamy take a look at this writing.  Check out the left sidebar for my various other writings, which cover a range of topics but are uniformly long and sometimes dense.  For more quick hits about non-monogamy and activism, see my twitter.