New Blog: Poundcake

poundcake (‘pound-kāk)

1. A rich cake made with a large amount of butter.
2. Bodies bruised or damaged as a result of rough sex or BDSM play. See also: cheesecake, beefcake.

I am starting a new blog on polyamory and BDSM subjects, along with my partner Jen and my girlfriend Debby. We will be putting up short frequent posts on what it is like to live our often odd polyamorous and kinky lives.

Check it out here. We’ve already got a month’s worth of posts up.

For any longtime readers of freaksexual, do not despair! I will continue to write my overly analytical and lengthy posts here.

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  1. Cedar Says:

    Ironically, I’ve also been on a new blog, and just signed into the old one to delete shit and saw you. Anyways, hi! (you met me in Mpls and came to my apartment at ridiculous o’clock) if you’ve forgotten.

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